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Available for:

  • Teaching

    • Theatre

    • Technical Theatre/Stagecraft

    • Drama

    • Dance

    • English Language Arts

  • Choreography

  • Workshops

I am an educator & performing arts practitioner.


I believe my job as an educator is to provide students with an opportunity to engage with content that is meaningful to them that results in a product they created, whether that is classes in Drama, Dance, Stagecraft, or English Language Arts. Using a project-based, problem-solving approach enables them to find practical applications for their learning that move beyond the walls of our classroom. 


At the same time, I find ways to be reflective in my practice to acknowledge my privilege, create an awareness that my perspective is not the only one, and ensure that all students feel safe to share and explore ideas in our work together. It may be difficult to find a truly “safe space” in the real world, but I strive to build community and trust with one another so that we all feel safe to be ourselves, play, and solve problems. Being an educator does not mean imposing my ideas and values on students; rather, it is about providing them with challenges I know they can overcome, opportunities to create art, and a space to listen to them.



"You do a great job prepping these kids for the real world." 




"Ryan is an excellent teacher with a strong background in theater arts, both academic and real-world."

-Fellow Educator



"The production quality was awesome. Stage design, pit, and general direction were great! Super impressive!"


Courses Taught


Drama 1

Drama 2

Advanced Drama/Honors

Musical Theatre

Technical Theatre


English Language Arts

English for 9th-12th Grade

Credit Recovery



Musical Theatre




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